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Labor Market Information System (LMIS) Bangladesh

Labor Market Information System (LMIS) for Economic Zones concept in Bangladesh (June 2022-January 2023). CEI was awarded a contract by the World Bank to support the development of a labour market information system for the Economic Zones in Bangladesh. Normally, LMIS operate at the national level, supporting data analysis for national Ministries.

These traditional LMIS approaches tend to reply upon formalised survey data produced by national statistical agencies.

In contrast this innovative approach in Bangladesh is a radical departure from traditional LMIS, and instead uses a private sector drive approach at the decentralized level to support employers in the country’s Economic Zones. This decentralized LMIS makes use of more dynamic sources of data to facilitate the improved matching of supply.

The team at CEI are in the process of putting together the LMIS Architecture and preparing to roll out the innovative approach across the Economic Zones.

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