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Our Team


Dr Marcus Powell is a director at CEI and a recognized labour market expert with over 25 years of professional experience. He began his career as a lecturer and researcher in the areas of skills development and labour markets at the Universities of Leicester and Huddersfield. Marcus has also worked as a full-time staff member for a number of international organisations and companies as a labour market adviser, before joining CEI.

Marcus’ area of specialism include labour market analysis and information systems, sector based studies and the formulation of skills development strategies. He has worked extensively on assignments in these areas in Southern African and Southeast Asia, including team leader and project director roles on major reform programs. Marcus has been employed directly by governments and also by international organisations including: the ADB, the Commonwealth Secretariat, DFAT, GIZ, the EC, DFID, ILO, OECD the World Bank. Marcus has also published widely in these areas, including a number of books and policy orientated studies for donors and governments in different parts of the world.

At CEI Marcus is responsible for overall strategy and business development. Marcus also plays a key role in technical back-stopping at CEI

LOUISE HOLLAND Finance Director

Louise Holland is financial director at CEI and one of the co-founders. Louise’s experience lies in programme management and capacity building of women in the workplace. She has over 20 years’ experience of financial management covering EC Programmes, particularly supporting labour market reform and promoting Gender Equality. She has been instrumental in building CEI and ensuring that it has transparent management and financial systems.

As Financial Director of CEI Louise’s specialism lies in the preparation of programme budgets and in relationships management, as well as supporting effective implementation and ensuring quality outputs are achieved. She has worked on the financial budgets across wide range countries including Africa, Southeast Asia, EC, and Kazakhstan, and has drawn up all contracts and negotiated with many different donors, including: the World Bank, European Commission, ADB, ILO, and DFID, as well as dealing with partner companies and governments in the development world.

At CEI Louise is responsible for all aspects of administration, logistics and mobilization of projects and experts, liaison with development partners and resource management.

ANDREW SITORUS Program Manager and Recruitment Adviser

Andrew Sitorus is one of CEIs staff members. He joined CEI in August 2015 and previously Andrew worked in the financial services sector in Indonesia with over 10 years of working experience in various roles, ranging from analysts, manager, and marketing. With over 10 years in the banking sector Andrew has in-depth knowledge and expertise in dealing with clients, managing accounts, and generating new businesses.

Prior to joining financial services company, he has graduated from University of Indonesia with master’s degree for Financial Management that make him has core competencies in corporate finance and financial analysis with a strong macroeconomics knowledge and marketing strategy. He also has supported many CEI’s research from the various development partners from DFID, DFAT and ADB.

At CEI Andrew is responsible for business development activities and in liaising clients over new business opportunities and helping to put together new tenders and find appropriate partners, as well as experts to work with CEI