the centre for employment initiatives

About CEI

who are we

The Centre for Employment Initiatives is a not-for-profit organization that has provided technical and advisory services in Education, Skills, Employment, and more recently Human Resource Development for over 15 years.

We are a group of technical specialists who are acknowledged experts in their field.

Most of our work focuses on providing policy oriented advice, research and technical assistance to governments, donors and development partners around the globe.

what we do

CEI has gained a reputation as a lead organization in providing high quality advice and consultancy services in the field of skills and labour market reform. Established as a not for profit making organization in 1998, CEI has a proven track record of providing high quality advice to governments, donors and development partners across the globe, and also implementing technical assistance projects.

Over the past 10 years CEI has worked for governments (Botswana, South Africa, Rwanda), bilateral and multilateral agencies (ADB, World Bank, EC, Commonwealth Secretariat, ILO, UNDP, UNICEF, DFAT, DFID, Irish Aid, Westminster Foundation).

how we do it

CEI is in a unique position to provide innovative solutions for education and workforce development. Unlike traditional universities or consultancy agencies the team at CEI are able to combine the rigours associated with academic methodologies and also provide innovative solutions and practical advice that can be implemented to support effective reform in the field of skills development and labour market reform.

Each member of the team at CEI is a recognized technical expert or practitioner in their field and our assignments are managed or implemented by a full-time member of staff. This ensures full commitment to quality outputs, effective implementation and meeting the changing needs of the client.

why we do it

CEI, is a not for profit making organisation that is committed to development and making a difference. We do not have share owners and the desire to make profits.

When delivering assignments, we are committed to the principal that successful reform can only be achieved through inclusive practices, good governance and accurate and up-to-date information.

where we do it

CEI has worked in most of the sub-continents of the world, but we have an acknowledged and established track record in Southern Africa, South Asia, The Caribbean and South East Asia.

More recently CEI has started to work in the pacific region and countries of the former Soviet Union. Staff at CEI have a wider geographical experience covering over 50 countries, ranging from small island states in the Caribbean to large developing countries, such as Nigeria, Albania, Bangladesh and the People’s Republic of China. As a result of assignments in the different countries CEI has gained wide expertise in working in different development contexts. On the one hand, CEI has worked extensively in post-conflict and low-income countries to help build country‚Äôs education and training systems.

On the other hand, CEI has worked extensively in middle-income economies and those countries that are aspiring to move up the development ladder and require more complex mechanisms or systems.