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Employment Promotion Strategy in Rwanda

Support the National Skills Development and Employment Promotion Strategy in Rwanda (May 2021 – November 2022). The Government of Rwanda’s approach to Employment Promotion and Skills Development has been guided by the National Employment Programme since 2014 (NEP).

Due to phasing out of the NEP, in 2019 the National Skills Development and Employment Promotion Strategy (NSDEPS) was developed by RDB Chief Skills Office (CSO) and relevant stakeholders.

The Strategy takes a holistic approach across the full continuum of skills development and employment promotion based on NST 1 priority sectors. It consists of three pillars: (1) Skills Development, (2) Employment Promotion, (3) Labour Market Matching.

This program is funded by Master Card Foundation and CEI has been appointed to execute this program and has a very successful cooperation with The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and supported the implementation of the national skills and employment promotion strategy through building the capacity of the LMIS and M&E systems.

CEI has also facilitated the move towards performance-based monitoring drawing on the outputs from the LMIS, including the production of analytical reports on the labour market

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