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Design implement and analyse LMIS in Sierra Leone

Origin of Funding: British Council | Start date-End date: April 2021- November 2021

In Sierra Leone, similar to many developing nations, career guidance and workforce development were major challenges. The Ministry of Labour and Social Security lacked a central system for labor market information. Crucial data relied on infrequent surveys, making it difficult to understand job market trends and tailor training programs where a skills gap left young people and women struggling for employment are exist.

Recognizing this need, Sierra Leone partnered with CEI to establish their first Labour Market Information System (LMIS). CEI didn’t just design a system, they ensured its long-term viability.

They considered Sierra Leone’s specific context, limited resources, and the needs of the Ministry. This involved identifying key labor market indicators, data sources, and collection methods. They also provided training and mentorship to empower locals to run the system effectively.

The ultimate goal, like in Antigua and Barbuda, was to create a sustainable system that empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and guide the future workforce.

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