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Capacity Development

Capacity development can take many forms, ranging from building of institutional structures of government ministries, the development of knowledge systems, to the actual capacity building of those working in skills development systems, including those involved in planning, managing and delivery. Much of the work on capacity building has focused on the individual. Recently, in the development field emphasis has shifted from formalized classroom learning, to informal delivery in the workplace involving mentoring and self-directed learning.

Capacity building has been a key part of CEI’s work. We have been involved in a wide range of activities, from the setting-up of comprehensive institutional development and capacity building systems, to the implementation of blended learning and mentoring systems in the workplace. Each member of staff at CEI has a particular area of specialism. Among the key areas of expertise include: on-line and distance learning, mentoring and guidance in the workplace, as well as face-to-face learning involving workshops and formal learning methods.

Examples of CEls recent support include the implementation of a mentoring program in Botswana. Under this program government employers acted as junior consultants and were given areas of responsibility under the guidance of CEI staff. CEI has also developed a learning program for donor officials in the area of skills development and as well facilitated HRD plans for a number of government ministries across Africa and Asia..

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