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Teacher quality and teacher performance are at the centre of education. National education systems are moving from a focus on the transmission and memorisation of facts to an emphasis on student competencies. Critical thinking, problem solving, and lifelong learning have become the outcomes we expect of students today. This has put new demands on teachers. Much investment has gone into teacher development from standards to pre-service training to recruitment and human-resource policies to in-service training and provision of teaching and learning materials. In spite of these investments and effort, many children are still not learning and attaining the skills they need.  This particularly true in low- and middle-income countries.

CEI staff have wide-ranging experience in teacher development across many countries and regions, including Africa, South-East Asia and the Pacific. The expertise of the CEI team includes design and implementation of teacher interventions, and also policy reform. The staff have taken part in high-level dialogue and influenced debate among donors and governments in addition to peer reviewing and quality assuring donor programs and documents.

We are currently working in three countries in the Pacific in a pilot program that is investigating the effect of teacher policies and practices on learning achievement. This involves reviewing teacher policies in the three countries. This will be followed up with a mapping of the policies against practices in the classrooms. The program will develop an evidence base for Ministry of Education senior officials to improve teacher performance.

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